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PDMA-India is the Indian Affiliate of PDMA, USA located at Chennai. The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is the premier global advocate for product development and management professionals. Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of individuals and organizations in product development and management. This is accomplished by providing resources for professional development, information, collaboration and promotion of new product development and management. The development of new products and services involves an integrated set of unique activities. PDMA is the only organization that focuses on addressing this challenge by providing the following opportunities for professional development: education, experience, networking and recognition.

Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), India calls for article from Product Development and Innovation leaders and practitioners to be published in PDMA-India website. This not only helps you to showcase your prowess in product development but also helps the new product development community to learn from your experiences. The articles need to be in English language in about 500 to 1000 words. The articles shall focus on product development and innovation best practices and development experiences. Also please do submit your full name, designation, current organisation name and recent photograph.

For more details, please speak to The Secretary, PDMA-India at 900-306-9000. Thanks.

Analysis and Strategy - Two Killing Forks
By Harshal Patil
Diverse waves flowing in market since past few years and everyone is surfing in different ways. However you surf around technology, 'Analytics' and 'Strategy' are killing forks. For every strategic Advisor it's essential to know foundations of strategy i.e. a thorough understanding of domestic and global market trends, models to purchase and consumption, specific communication method to reach target market to name a few ... more

Delighting the end user
By Ajith Pullanikkat
Over a period of years in a challenging and competitive product market, delighting end user has turned out to be one of the primary criteria that decides the success and adoption of any product or service. Having a strong base of ‘Happy Customers’ doesn’t really help to fly the business to heights, but if you have a set of ‘Delighted Customers’, leave the rest to them and they will act to spread awareness and increase the acceptance of your product ... more

PDMA India Revitalized in 2016
By Bharathi L
Today all over the world the most successful product companies are creating a significant percentage of wealth for their respective nations. These companies that excel in New Product Development (NPD) and Innovation are the leading companies in their respective category. In other words, these companies and the individuals who are associated with New Product Development are the greatest wealth creators for themselves, for the society and for the nation as a whole ... more

Driving Innovation by Addressing Customer Needs
By Jegan Jayabal
More than 40 percent of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 list in 2000 were no longer there in 2010 (Source: Brian Solis’ Future of Business), illustrating how important innovation is in fuelling continuous growth and business sustenance in this ever-evolving, dynamic market. In the 2012 American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, more than 70 percent of those surveyed believed that small businesses understand customers better than large .... more

Product Design
By Jegan Jayabal
Product design is the process of creating or improving a product by understanding what customers need. It is the conceptualization of an idea about a product and transforming the idea into reality. To transform the idea into reality a specification is prepared about the product considering different constraints .... more

New Product Development
By Jegan Jayabal
The term New Product Development (NPD) is generally used to discuss the complete process of introducing a new product in the market. Product can be in terms of a tangible product or an intangible service. To create the next product in a company’s product line Product Development team goes through .... more

Product Development
By Jegan Jayabal
Product development is generally termed as working closely with customers to develop new product solutions and manufacturing processes to solve critical customer problems.  Product development engineers use a combination of complex electrical and mechanical modelling software, comprehensive .... more

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