New Products Management 9e by Crawford and Di Benedetto is useful to the practicing new products manager. Along with the management approach, the perspective of marketing is presented throughout which enables the text to have a balanced view. The authors aim to make the book increasingly relevant to its users as this revision is considered to be a “new product.”

Many new examples, cases, and research along with the most current topics highlight the new edition of New Products Management.


Table of Contents

The Menu – The New Products Process – Opportunity Identification and Selection: Strategic Planing for New Products – Preparation and Alternatives – Problem-Based Ideation:Finding and Solving Customers Problem – Analytical Attribute Approaches: Introduction and Perceptual Mapping – Analytical Attribute Approaches: Trade-off Analysis and Qualitative Techniques – Concept Evaluation system – Concept Testing – The Full Screen – Sales Forecasting and Financial Analysis – Product Protocol – Design – Development Team Management – Product Use Testing – Strategic Launch Planning – Implementation of the Strategic Plan – Market Testing – Launch Management – Public Policy Issues

Review from Venkadesh Narayanan, Principal Consultant, Fhyzics