A company's capability to conceive and design quality prototypes and bring a variety of superior products to market quicker than its competitors is increasingly the focal point of competition, contend leading product development experts Steven Wheelwright and Kim Clark.

Drawing on six years of in-depth, systematic, worldwide research, they present proven principles for developing the critical capabilities for speed, efficiency, and quality that have worked again and again in scores of successful Japanese, American, and European fast-cycle firms.


Table of Contents

Competing Through Development Capability – The Concept of a Development Strategy – Maps and Mapping: Functional Strategies in Pre-Project Planing – The Aggregate Project Plan – Structuring the Development Funnel – A Framework for Development – Cross-Functional Integration – Organizing and Leading Project Teams – Tools and Methods – Prototype Test Cycles – Learning from Development Projects – Building Development Capability

Review from Venkadesh Narayanan, Principal Consultant, Fhyzics