PDMAPDMA India Revitalized in 2016

Today all over the world the most successful product companies are creating a significant percentage of wealth for their respective nations. These companies that excel in New Product Development (NPD) and Innovation are the leading companies in their respective category. In other words, these companies and the individuals who are associated with New Product Development are the greatest wealth creators for themselves, for the society and for the nation as a whole. The importance of NPD has gone to the extent that it is becoming a national strategy for development and growth. For example, ‘Make in India’ initiative launched by Government of India in the year 2014.

New Product Development is an evolving discipline where one needs a thorough understanding of the underlying principles, processes and challenges. In the words of Professor Robert G. Cooper in his book titled ‘Winning at New Products’, “In winning at new products, as in warfare or war games, the goal is victory – a steady stream of profitable and successful new products.….. The common denominators across businesses today are speed and change.” Through decades of research and empirical studies PDMA shaped a body of knowledge which helps the product development professionals to excel in their NPD initiatives. The NPDP certification is the gold standard for the New Product Development and Innovation professionals. PDMA-India strives to spread the message about the benefits of being a PDMA member and to create more NPDP certified professionals in India. We at PDMA-India strongly believe that these two activities will create a qualified pool of product development experts to support the growth of product based companies in India.

PDMA-India came out with a new website at www.pdma-india.in. PDMA-India’s vision is to create a sound ecosystem in India for new product development and innovation. The team is working towards accomplishing the vision by means of conducting seminars, webinars and regional conferences. We have also planned to reach out to corporates and colleges to spread the benefits of PDMA’s body of knowledge and the benefits of NPDP certification. The members are encouraged to share their new product development experiences and practices for the benefit of our member community. One can submit the articles to M/s. Bharathi L, Secretary, PDMA-India at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. PDMA-India will conduct workshops on Product Development and Innovation at interested organizations and also help the participants getting certified as NPDP. The PDMA-India team is also available for delivering keynote addresses and conducting product development workshops at your organization.